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Monthly Membership Includes:
  • Follow Along Weekly 5 Day Online Training Program! 
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  • Workouts Are 34 Minutes Targeting The Whole Body.
  • Training Can Be Started With No Equipment.
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  • Live Monthly Q&A Session Plus Access To All Replays!
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New Weekly Training Program!

LIVE Workouts Added Monthly!

LIVE Monthly Q&A + Replays!

LIVE Monthly Pep Talk + Replays!

Start Your 7 Day Free Trial!

Coach Dianna Renee training program is ideal for students new to exercise and challenging for anyone who wants to burn calories and get in shape. Every week, members receive a NEW online follow along workout program. Equipment is always optional!

All fitness levels are welcome!  This program is beginner friendly!  You are encouraged to work at your own pace and level and get as many repetitions in during the interval time.  Always check with your physician to determine what fitness program is best for you.

The free trial period is for 7 days.  You may cancel anytime during the 7 day trial period and you will not be charged.  Just login and click cancel!    

You can start the program with zero equipment.  You can add hand held weights and ankle weights as you progress through the program and become stronger.

"I trained with Dianna from 2014-2017 in person and just started training with her again virtually (I moved from LA in 2017, which is why I stopped training with her). My first time training with Dianna, I lost 20 lbs in 4-5 months—it was incredible. Dianna is clearly an experienced and skilled trainer. No two workouts are ever the same and she knows how to challenge your body while still having fun. I have some physical limitations that she needs to work around (one day it’s my arm and the next day it can be knees) and she instantly knows how to adjust the workouts to account for my limitations while ensuring I get a full body workout. Now that Dianna is training virtually, I am so excited to be able to workout with her again. The virtual workouts are as great as working out with her in person (and I save myself an hour commute roundtrip!). It's amazing how she can continue to challenge me in every training session using mostly body weight and very minimal equipment. I would highly recommend Dianna to anyone looking for a personal trainer. "

Sheilia S.

"I started training with Coach Dianna Renee in January of 2019, and after over a year and a half of working with her, I am so happy to provide this full-throated endorsement. Dianna is a fantastic personal trainer - she works with you where you are, and customizes every workout to build on your strength. She is also an expert in all things longevity, health, fitness and nutrition and is a font of information that she is so happy to share. During one session I mentioned that she would likely live to be 150 years old, to which she replied "I hope so, so that I can continue helping people!" My body composition has vastly improved since we began training together; I've lost 15 pounds and have kept it off, and have built a lot more muscle. Dianna might be the most positive person I've ever met. At the start of every session when I ask her how she is doing, she replies, without fail "I'm fantastic!" And she means it. She has done so much work on herself; mentally, spiritually, physically, so that she can be the bright light and role model that so many of us need. She has served as much more than a trainer to me - she's my friend, a counselor, and a mentor. If you are looking for a trainer to fine tune an already fit body, or are just getting started on an exercise regimen, Dianna is the best person you could find to help you meet your goals. She does virtual sessions during this pandemic, and was able to adapt easily to meet this need for her clients. I look forward to many, many more years of training with Coach Dianna Renee!!"

Maureen R.

Dianna is a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer and a group fitness specialist. Her unique sessions and classes are a fusion of martial arts-inspired movements and traditional cardiovascular and strength training. Her training includes a focus on core strength, high intensity interval training, plyometrics and muscle sculpting. She has directed fitness programs, taught all exercise class formats, and individually trained numerous clients. She also studied herbology, nutrition, kinesiology, and is a naturopath.

She provides personal and multilevel group training programs for all fitness levels in her workouts. Using her outgoing and enthusiastic nature combined with a motivational and inspirational approach she enables anyone to achieve his or her fitness goals.

Her energetic style makes her a favorite at every fitness club in which she teaches. Through a regular training program her clients gain confidence, discipline, and have fun while they transform their life. Her stamina is unparalleled, and she creates a challenge for all fitness levels.


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